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You dream of importing, from the United States or elsewhere, a vintage motorcycle
it is possible with TGL

How soon will my vehicle arrive at my place?

It all depends on the pickup location in the United States of America. It takes between six to ten weeks from the request for removal from you.

What part do you take care of during transport?

We take care of everything from collection from your seller to your reception. But we can take care of one or more parts according to your requests.

Concretely, how does it work to bring my vehicle?

Once the vehicle has been purchased, the seller’s information has been transmitted and your green light has been issued, we instruct our agents on site to collect your vehicle and the documents from your seller, then they will take care of the formalities on departure before loading the vehicle. in a container, alone or in groups.

The ship then arrives at the port of Le Havre where we pick it up to take it to our warehouses. From there, we just have to unpack the container, store the vehicle and start the customs clearance formalities, as well as the issuance of the 846A for the gray card.

Vous pourrez venir récupérer vous-même le véhicule ou nous pouvons aussi vous livrer.

When and how to pay the invoice?

The invoice is issued once customs clearance has been completed.

You can then pay us at any time by check or bank transfer. We will keep the original documents or the pallet until payment is received. Then we proceed to send the documents by letter followed, or to the delivery of the pallet.

Is it complicated to buy abroad?

No, it is not complicated in itself, but it is better to take certain precautions before buying so as not to end up with unpleasant surprises.

Do you carry out on-site appraisals to help us confirm the purchase or not?

Indeed, we have a network of experts with whom we work regularly who travel to assess the condition and value of the vehicle before purchase.

Do you take care of purchases abroad?

Our primary business being vehicle trading, we can help you negotiate and complete the purchase of your vehicle.

Where do you deliver the vehicles next?

We can deliver anywhere in France, excluding Corsica, and in countries bordering France.

In which countries and ports are you present?

We are mainly present in the United States (Long Beach, Oakland, Miami, Houston, New York, Galveston) and in Canada (Montreal). But we also work in Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Lebanon, Japan, New Zealand, Dubai, and many other countries.

Is it possible to make an arrival in another European port?

As far as France is concerned, all ports are obviously possible. As far as European ports like Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp are concerned, we can do it without any problem, but we do not recommend it because the procedures can sometimes be much more complicated.

Are any reports made on the condition of the vehicle during transit?

In transport, we make on our documents what are called reservations. From the moment the carrier receives your vehicle, they will make a reservation of the condition of the vehicle on the transport document, then the agent will make a “Warehouse Inspection Receipt”. Reserves and a report are made when the container is loaded on departure, and when the container is unloaded once in France.

What are the conditions for the vehicle to be considered as a collector's vehicle?

The vehicle must be over 30 years old and must not have undergone any significant changes to the vehicle. Replicas are excluded unless they are over 30 years old.

What are the taxes for auto parts?

The same as for vehicles. But for a part to be paid the same duties and taxes as a collector’s vehicle, it must be intended to be mounted on a collector’s vehicle, otherwise it will be considered as a normal part and will be subject to 20% VAT and a customs duty rate calculated according to the type of imported parts.

A "turnkey" service

Our asset is to know how to manage and organize all the stages of taking charge of your vehicle so that you can use it in full compliance with the applicable legal requirements.
From door to door, from place of departure up the place of arrival, we provide the entire logistics process for managing your vehicle.

You have purchased your vehicle and it is ready to go.
We collect your vehicle from your dealer, regardless of it's location. And on the way to our warehouse !
We transport it by adapting the transport methods, according to the size of the vehicle, its ability to drive, etc

We transport your vehicle to an enclosed and secured warehouse where it will wait to be put in a container while our local correspondent takes care of the export formalities.
Depending on the size and your choice, the vehicle can be transported alone in a dedicated container, in a shared container, on a ro-ro ship (RoRo = Roll-On, Roll-Off), by air, etc.

The formalities completed, the vehicle is loaded alone or grouped in a sealed container before being towed to the port terminal of the loading port. The shipping conditions are met so that your vehicle does not suffer any damage, a detailed receiving report is established during the pick-up with pictures being taken.

The container is then loaded onto a ship before arriving at the port of Le Havre. The maritime transit time depends in particular on the port of departure (NY, Savannah, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, SF/Oakland, Vancouver, Montreal, Dubai ... any other port in the world on request).

The vehicle can also be shipped by air. 

When the container arrives to Le Havre, we take care of the next steps to recover it from the port. The container is then trucked to our warehouse, where it will be stripped.
The vehicle will be secured in an enclosed warehouse to allow us to clear it through customs and issue the 846A necessary for its further French registration.

When the vehicle is in our warehouse, we undertake the administrative formalities allowing you to use your vehicle:
• Customs clearance
• Homologation
• Temporary Registration supply + corresponding WW plates
• Final French Registration + plates

When the vehicle meets all the regulatory requirements, it can then be delivered to your home.


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